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Jodi Arias Penalty Retrial : Day 6 : 1 of 3 : Victim Impact Statements

Chris and Sky Hughes, together, on Dr Drew 05-06-13

Travis Alexander finally got justice

Travis Alexander's true story

Travis Alexander deserves for his truth to be told. We are so thankful to Chris and Sky for doing it so eloquently and with love. His picture hangs on the wall with the photos of their children as a beloved family member. It is with that deep emotion and true friendship this book was written. Travis Victor Alexander has inspired people all over the world. With the writing of his story, he may continue to do so well into the future. His is a story of hope and goodness conquering evil. All he ever wanted his whole life was to love and be loved. On the day of his book release I speak for thousands who say, Travis you are LOVED. I hope ALL GOOD THINGS for Chris, Sky, all of the friends and certainly Travis' brave, lovely family who became America's family. The book will remain in my library and Travis will remain in my heart. Forever. Zoey Watson 4/24/15
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Dr Janeen DeMarte Jodi Arias Penalty Phase Retrial David Lohr edits

Fatal Attraction : Jodi Arias

#JodiArias is the real life Fatal Attraction Dr. Geffner has no idea!

By Zoey Watson January 20, 2015
This man has been spoon fed a lot of information. Juan Martinez is about to set him straight! He presents Jodi as an innocent. Boy is he in for a rude awakening.

Payton and Rabbit Boiler is what Sky Hughes began to refer to Jodi as
Sky Hughes explained that at first Jodi tried to play Molly Mormon for Travis. It was so overtly ridiculous, she would walk around their home with the Book of Mormon open, reading from it. She really tried to do everything perfect as she thought a Mormon girl Travis would marry would. She told Sky she had a "vision" of she (Jodi) and Travis marrying all in white (the inference being that they would be marrying in the holy Temple where indeed the couple does wear all white). Somehow that didn't get the wedding proposal out of Travis, so ...according to Sky she turned on the sex. After that vision she would not let that go. She would not let Travis go. Jodi MADE UP AN EMAIL FROM A STALKER and sent it Travis, hoping he would ask her to move to AZ. Sky laughed aloud when Travis read it to her, "Travis, buddy.....Jodi wrote that!!!!!"

Chris and Sky read through all of Travis and Jodi's emails, ALL OF THEM, and it was very clear that Jodi was the ring leader introducing Travis to a lot that Chris didn't even want to repeat.
( sexual things )

Neither Jodi nor Travis were virgins, and except for four very short months of a long distance relationship, VERY early on, were they committed to one another. They both were free to date. Everyone, including Jodi knew Travis was on the hunt for a wife. She has already admitted on the stand and in her interrogation, either or both Juan can play for the jury that she was well aware he was dating other and looking for a wife, in earnest. Geffner, being spoon fed may not know what we know, but Juan Martinez is about to clear that fog right up on cross. 

Just because there was no witness to Jodi slashing Travis' tires two days in a row at Lisa's house, doesn't mean the dots aren't close enough together for the jury to connect. She already admitted hacking into his emails. They will hear either live or having it played for them, or in Dr. DeMarte having reviewed Lisa's testimony that on the very day Travis' all 4 tires were slashed, hers were too AND she received a nasty letter about it being shameful she was having Travis stay over, etc. So whoever was mad at Travis was also mad at Lisa.....that narrows the suspect list down to 1. Juan can hint at things this time that he wasn't allowed to last time. The rules, as you are seeing with this nonsense the judge is allowing with Geff, are quite relaxed in mitigation.

Juan has the right to rebut every single claim, one by one, the defense is making. That is why it is such a dumb move on their part to go on and on and on and open so very many doors. 

They could have had Geff say something quite simple, I reviewed months and years of patterns of behaviors of Mr. Alexander that led me to conclude he was a womanizer and given ONE or TWO example and moved on. 

At this point the jury must be furious at this victim bashing and the absurdity of it compared to the horrific autopsy photos of Travis, nearly decapitated. This poor guy is DEAD, at her hand. What does womanizing got to do with it?

Regarding all these girls and the texts Geff is reading trying to make it scandalous:

"I know these women, they are beautiful , confident, successful women and the reason you wont see the defense call not ONE of them to the stand is that they all LOVE TRAVIS ALEXANDER. They wont be able to get ONE of them to say a bad thing about him!" Sky Hughes told Dr. Drew.

Earlier someone was asking why would Travis put something in his writings purposely for Jodi to read. He did. It was testified to and here Sky explains it too. He very well knew she had hacked into all of his social media and email accounts. In an exchange with Reagan for example he says...."Say hello Jodi why dontcha cuz I know she is reading this right now". Lisa testified also that it was clear she had hacked into all his stuff and was following them on their dates. She knew every single time they were together and she called Travis' phone the entire date. 

"She got so bad I began calling her Payton from the movie The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and Rabbit Boiler from Fatal Attraction " Sky said. 

fatal attraction scene "I'm not gonna be ignored!"
Some people deserve the death penalty and Jodi Arias is one of them. The family is VERY united. They want her to get the death penalty. Absolutely." Chris Hughes 

Charity work to honor Travis Alexander

Chris Hughes explains the emails. "Our Friend Travis" book will be released after the sentencing phase completes.

The porn explained , brilliant blog by Debbie Maran 

A Juror's Perspective blog by Paul Sanders. He blogs as he attends the trial each day.

Jodi Arias jurors speak out

Jodi Arias trial videos, in order, edits by David Lohr, Sr. Crime Writer, Huffington Post

Jodi Arias is no more mentally ill, than she is 
a blonde, 
or the least bit sorry. 

Travis Alexander wanted to ask someone to marry him, it wasn't Jodi Arias

#TravisAlexander's engagement ring #JodiArias took was meant for Linda Ballard

by Zoey Watson February 4, 2014

Travis' girlfriend who he once hoped to marry was interviewed and she tells of a sweet, lovely man. Here is what she told Nancy Grace when she was asked about the vile lies #Jodi Arias was telling in the courtroom.

BOSS: I don`t believe any of that, either. I think that Jodi has told a lot of lies. And I -- the Travis that I knew was kind and loving and he never abused me. And he, in fact, treated me very kindly. He was always doing nice things for me, like, he gave me flowers.

GRACE: Is this true...

BOSS: Sometimes he would pick flowers for me.

GRACE: ... He wrote you a poem? Do you have that with you? Do you mind reading it for us?

BOSS: Yes, he wrote this poem. This was right after we -- we started to break up, but we were still dating on and off. So he wrote me a poem called "All the Best," and here it is.

"Although we are uncertain as to what you and I will be, I wish you all the best, and through time I guess we`ll see. Although we don`t know what tomorrow brings, of our future we are unaware, I wish you all the best even if tomorrow I am not there. May your life be filled with happiness and may all of your dreams come true. May your heart never be left -- never feel sorrow and may your countenance never be blue."

"May all of your goals be accomplished, in all that you do, you succeed. May your heart never be left wanting and your soul never left in need. May the strength of the Lord be with you, and the holy ghost always be near. May his love burn from within you and radiate to all you hold dear. Why? Because you deserve it. All this and much more too. I wish you all the best, and only all the best will do."

"This is the life that I know you will have. I am certain. I know that you can. This is the life that I pray for me, and so I will finish as I have began. Although we are uncertain as to what you and I will be, I wish you all the best and hope all the best is me."

Jodi Arias has NO mitigating factors said Juan Martinez

#JodiArias has NO mitigating circumstances said Juan Martinez

"The jury instructions are MANDATORY.There is NO discretion as to what verdict you are to return if you find that there are NO mitigating circumstances. It is the State's position that there are none.

If you DO find mitigating circumstances, the instructions tell you
any connection, or lack of connection, to the murder may affect the quality or the strength of that mitigating evidence. For example they talk about her being 27 years old at the time of the crime. Men and women have fought and died in wars at the age of 18! What does her being 27 have to do with this brutal murder? Not worth considering!
When you take a look at the horrific nature of the murder her mitigating circumstances are NOT worth considering. 
You have to engage in analysis.You look at the facts. You look at the law and you apply them to reach a decision if THEY ARE SUFFICIENTLY SUBSTANTIAL enough to call for LENIENCY . The mitigation must be of such quality of value. NOTHING she has presented is a possible mitigating circumstance when you take a look at what this individual did.

The only thing you can do under these circumstances is return a verdict of death" Juan Martinez explained.

by Zoey Watson March 24, 2015

Chris Hughes explains the Travis Alexander e maila

by ZoeyW , March 2, 2015 at 11:18 AM 
Chris Hughes explains the emails and how he was NEVER deposed in Jodi Arias trial

Here is more

From Tricia ( co owner of Websleuthes ) three hour interview with Chris Hughes

Our PP was typing her little heart out transcribing the interview

Discussing the infamous email chain
"Understand Jodi was manipulating us. She was crying to us for advice

"They weren't even committed at this point and had only seen each other 3-4 times. Living in different states. She was already shamelessly flirting with married men. We saw that sort of thing all the time. Always to try to make TA jealous. At this point we were annoyed by her. Couldn't figure it out. Immature. 

She starts showing up at our house uninvited. Even when TA wasn't there. One time she came over (2007) and she was crying and sad and saying that TA wouldn't commit and that he was dating other girls and that she got into his email/facebook and she had forwarded all of their messages from both to herself. Travis said Sky you know you are her best friend. Sky said "What?!!" Yes if she called my wife may answer her ? sometimes but she was not calling her to hang out or chit chat, they were not friends at all. She was manipulating Travis telling him that lie.
Back to the emails
Skye told Jodi to dump him. TA was a flirt. We all thought that was what he was; he's enjoying himself. So if she wanted marriage, our advice was to her dump him. Find someone else who does.

According to TA, he was a dork when he was younger. He was big. He would eat alone in the cafeteria and was teased. He was so sad, living in poverty, parents were drug addicted. And then, he got into personal development and worked on his self confidence. Got into a business where he didn't feel broken. He was good at it. Gained confidence. Bought a car and suits and shirts. Took great pride in how he looked. Began to be appealing to both men and women. Good looking and well dressed and endearing to people. From where he was to now, he had girls pursuing him and he was enjoying himself.

They told Jodi he was in the prime of his life and if he's not committing to you, leave him. 

Skye asks JA before you talk to TA, let me call him to tell him we've had this discussion so that I can tell him that we've had this conversation. She says yes no problem. She ends up staying the night. They go to bed. An hour or two later, Skye gets up to feed the baby and JA is in the garage talking to him on the phone telling him everything.

She lied to the Hughes and she lied and embellishes to TA.

Started the "infamous" email chain.

GOT TO TAKE A BREAK. Will be right back peeps!"

"So TA sends an email - subject was "you crossed the line", you hurt my relationship...I'm never going to be able to repair it. You said things that hurt me. These emails show how amazing TA was as a person. They went off on him on the emails but later he was so cool and just told them not to worry about it.

We were all still so blinded by all of this. We've put the pieces together over the years. 

So he unloads on us and we both write back. Skye was very hard on TA. They were very very good friends but like brother/sister relationship and she just told him the way it was. She basically said that he was still in love with Deanna and he needed to let go of her before he could be involved with JA. That he wasn't yet emotionally available for Jodi so just leave her alone.

"If we (CH and Skye) had any evidence that TA was abusing, why weren't they deposed by the DT? If we had anything, why wouldn't they have deposed us?
Why did the dt not call us to the stand? We would have went through it line by line and explained. We would have provided perspective and context. The context - tA - this girl really likes you. You need to commit to her or get out. IT's not nice to drag people along and not commit. 

He wrote back - guys, I've only know this girl for a few months, we've only seen each other a few times, we live in different states. I don't know if I want to commit to her. Leave me alone. 

So...THAT is the email.

They've had 5 years and this whole thing doesn't have legs."

"Where are her friends? Where are they? They don't exist. She was an emotional parasite, jumped from one person to another. She just moved around. Even her own parents said she was weird.

CH doesn't know why the State didn't call them. "Maybe they didn't us."

The email was a smokescreen. The sex-capades were a smokescreen. The pedophilia - all a smokescreen."

Chris goes on to explain many incidents that happened along the way between them/Jodi Arias. I am skipping ahead here Jodi told Sky she had a vision of her and Travis getting married in the temple. Red flag. Red. flag. By the way they are not even committed at this time. They had only been dating LONG DISTANCE for for months, they just talked on phone mostly as they lived in different states.Yet she is obsessed. She started showing up at our home, un-announced and uninvited. "

He explains a time they caught Jodi listening in by their bedroom door while they told Travis their concerns about her. They actually caught her doing this TWICE in one night!

Second time, she was outside of the door. Super creepy. She had a look in her eyes that she could have killed us all right then and there.

So she gets caught, and there's a shocking silence. CH was fearful. She went from suspect, to inconsistent, to a sociopath to oh-my-gosh she could kill us.

We told TA - go handle her; we're done - get her out of here. We lay in bed absolutely terrified in our own house. Wondering if we were safe. I am thinking where is my gun. I got it made sure it was loaded. We were absolutely terrified of the evil look we saw in her eyes. It was the look of pure evil. I have never seen or felt anything like this, before or sense. Sky said we need to go get the kids and bring them in here with us. Sky said she could burn our house down tonite. Sky took it in her own hands. Sky told her get out of my house, we don't ever want to see you or talk to you ever ever again. We are going to do everything we can to break you and Travis apart. Sky let her have it with a long list of things she knew Jodi had done. Jodi never defended herself against any of the things Sky was listing off. The only thing Jodi asked was Are you gonna tell Travis not to date me. Sky told her, I ALREADY HAVE. Sky told her GET OUT OF MY HOUSE. Rather than leave, Jodi sat at the kitchen table by herself for about an hour. Chris had to tel Travis go get her and GET HER out of here, so Travis did."

The chat room going crazy, Tricia tells Sky, we all love her.
Chris answers " I married up, up , up."

"By the way OVER ALL OF THE YEARS the ONLY fight or even remote discourse Travis and I EVER had was the fight Jodi Arias caused by manipulating us , leading to those emails. Outside of THAT, we never had a cross word between us. The emails interestingly show something wonderful about Travis if you get through to the end. Despite our disagreement we end and he ends with affirming how we love one another and are so thankful to have one another in our lives. Travis was our family." "Travis Alexander was beloved by me and Sky"

The funny thing about emails is Travis told Sky he was sooo worried over a man that was staking Jodi. He read to Sky the email Jodi had supposedly received from this stalker saying Travis can't protect you all the way over there in AZ, etc. Sky laughed out loud. Hard. "Travis, brother.......Jodi wrote that!". This was at the time that Jodi was trying hard to get Travis to invite her to move to AZ. We later learn from Mike Bertot, despite Jodi's lies that Travis talked her into and payed for her move to AZ, he begged her NOT to and he begged her to get out of AZ

The three hour interview continues to be transcribed in many following posts. Thank you PinkPanther

Thank you Tricia for having on Chris and KatieCoolLady , three hours for our members to ask any questions, commercil free. It is something one could listen to while we are on verdict watch. Tricia covered everything with him. It was Chris who cleverly captured this screen shot before Joey Arias deleted his post admitting that Jodi Arias made the sex tape to send to love interest of Travis 

Chris and Sky read through ALL Jodi and Travis' emails and never once, not one time does she ever mention any abuse or pedophilia. EVER.

I feel calm and believe now more than ever that the jury will come back with a verdict of death. Justice4Travis! I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ

Blog of #TravisAlexander's friends

Jodi Arias has no more PTSD than she is
a battered woman 
a Mormon

Travis you are special his grandfather always told him

Dr. Karl Hiatt, #TravisAlexander's surrogate dad tells a story of love

"He really spoke about his grandpa. He lived with -- he was raised by a set of grandparents but then was visited by another set. And every day - - or not every day but every time his grandpa, before leaving, he would grab Travis by the shoulders, get his attention -- he was just a little boy -- knowing the circumstances, that his mom and dad out of his life, into drugs and not raising him, but he would grab him by the shoulders and get his attention, and he wouldn`t say anything until Travis was paying attention. Travis made a point of that. And his grandpa would say, "Travis, you`re special. You can do anything; you can be anything," and then he`d give him a hug. It got to be where Travis would look forward to the moment when his grandfather was about to leave so he could have that moment"
Dr. Karl Hiatt, father figure to Travis

God bless the Alexanders as we wait for the justice to be announced on Monday. God bless these grandparents who raised them. God bless all of you who pray and hope and love in Travis' memory. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Zoey Watson April 12, 2015

Justice for Travis Alexander after seven long years

The jurors, Juan, Steve the Alexanders, friends and family all exhale as one. 7 years! Finally over!
These pictures say it all. They are rid of her. The page has turned. Forever. It is a new day and a new life. Jodi Arias' reign of terror over the Alexander's lives is over. Truly. That is my prayer. Seeing the family smile is amazing. I have said it one hundred times, in the absence of parents to stand with them and wrap their arms around them, God sent Juan and Steve. One can see in the pictures the closeness. Also, thank God they have such dear friends and extended family that love them so very much. We should all be so lucky. They will remember them fondly. Forever. I trust the feeling is mutual. Indeed.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

To see the rest of the beautiful happiness; and all things about the case,
go to Thank you Tanisha for sharing so everyone can exhale in relief. May God continue to protect you and walk with you all the days of your life. xo xo

Rest in peace dear Travis
Rest in Peace Tony Flores! 
You are both in the arms of the Angels now. Jesus apparently needed two Sunbeams.


Thank you to all of the lawyers, reporters and bloggers who told Travis Alexander's TRUTH day after day for these seven long years. Thank you to both juries. You are Angels and Heroes! You have our sincere thanks and respect. That is perpetual.

Friday, May 1, 2015

All The Best , a poem written by Travis Alexander

#TravisAlexander's girlfriends ALL describe him as kind, gentle and loving

@ZoeyWatson2014 Linda Ballard -Boss reading the love poem #TravisAlexanderwrote for her

ALL THE BEST by Travis Victor Alexander

"Although we are uncertain as to what you and I will be, I wish you all the best, and through time I guess we`ll see. Although we don`t know what tomorrow brings, of our future we are unaware, I wish you all the best even if tomorrow I am not there. May your life be filled with happiness and may all of your dreams come true. May your heart never be left -- never feel sorrow and may your countenance never be blue."

"May all of your goals be accomplished, in all that you do, you succeed. May your heart never be left wanting and your soul never left in need. May the strength of the Lord be with you, and the holy ghost always be near. May his love burn from within you and radiate to all you hold dear. Why? Because you deserve it. All this and much more too. I wish you all the best, and only all the best will do."

"This is the life that I know you will have. I am certain. I know that you can. This is the life that I pray for me, and so I will finish as I have began. Although we are uncertain as to what you and I will be, I wish you all the best and hope all the best is me."

Forgiveness explained by Travis Alexander's dear friend, Chris Hughes

by Zoey Watson , January 26, 2015

Chris Hughes was asked in interview "What would Travis say to this group of people? 

Chris Hughes "Travis would preach a sermon, 
You are a divine child of God
Greatness is in you
Your past does not have to equal your future

What Travis wanted to do
(Chris is crying)
He wanted to share God, JESUS, and personal development

If you are happy, awesome!
If you are not, you do not have to live like that anymore
you can tear up the pieces of the paper of your life tear it up into little pieces and write it all over again

be better today than you were yesterday

Travis would tell you, my life was a MESS, and I pulled myself up.... with the help of God.
Tricia, for your listeners, there may be somebody like Travis, or like me, we did not have anything, not even the money to go to college, but you know what he
lifted himself up
You can live any life of your choosing, it is your choice and ONLY YOUR CHOICE

If Travis were here he would lift you all up in Christ right now
That was Travis
Travis was good as Gold.

We all have an obligation to forgive, I am going to ask everybody that is listening to not allow Jodi to have any power in your life.
Regardless of the verdict, if we do not forgive she will have power in our life. I refuse to give that to her. We have to forgive.
I am unsure if I have the scripture quote perfectly, but it says
I the Lord I will forgive, it is given to you to forgive ALL people. 
I will forgive and I will be liberated, completely, from this tragedy in my life. We cannot hold the grudge and keep the darkness in our life, that does not hurt the other person,it only hurts us. Allow the light of forgiveness to penetrate your heart."
The interview is three hours long and well worth the listen. With the tragic death of Detective Flores' son this weekend, I felt the need of some hope.

Travis Alexander's friends speak out on behalf of their friend

Friends of Travis Alexander tell the truth about their friend
I hope the jury gets to hear from Dr. Hiatt during the penalty phase

by Zoey Watson, February 6, 2015

or any friend of Travis, for that matter, Chris Hughes or 
Dave Hall

or more from Jacob Mefford, his wife Holly

Taylor Serrell

or his best friend Mark Brunett

Julie Christopher

Clancy Talbott

or any one of a hundred friends who were touched by the bright light that was Travis.

"Some people deserve the death penalty and Jodi Arias is one of them. The family is VERY united. They want her to get the death penalty. Absolutely." Chris Hughes 

Travis Alexander LIVE in San Berdino

Travis' friends speak out

Steven Alexander VIS

I Hope You Fly song by Detective Flores daughter for Travis' family

Chris Hughes, Travis' best friend takes us to church

Deanna Reid, the love of Travis' life
Travis and Deanna photos

Travis speaking about his love for his buddy, Chris Hughes

Elated friends of Travis on Verdict

Tanisha and Harold's wedding

Verdict day

three jurors speak out , they voted for death penalty

Jodi Arias is no more suicidal than she is
Mormon or ....
a blonde.