Saturday, May 2, 2015

Travis you are special his grandfather always told him

Dr. Karl Hiatt, #TravisAlexander's surrogate dad tells a story of love

"He really spoke about his grandpa. He lived with -- he was raised by a set of grandparents but then was visited by another set. And every day - - or not every day but every time his grandpa, before leaving, he would grab Travis by the shoulders, get his attention -- he was just a little boy -- knowing the circumstances, that his mom and dad out of his life, into drugs and not raising him, but he would grab him by the shoulders and get his attention, and he wouldn`t say anything until Travis was paying attention. Travis made a point of that. And his grandpa would say, "Travis, you`re special. You can do anything; you can be anything," and then he`d give him a hug. It got to be where Travis would look forward to the moment when his grandfather was about to leave so he could have that moment"
Dr. Karl Hiatt, father figure to Travis

God bless the Alexanders as we wait for the justice to be announced on Monday. God bless these grandparents who raised them. God bless all of you who pray and hope and love in Travis' memory. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Zoey Watson April 12, 2015