Saturday, May 2, 2015

Travis Alexander's true story

Travis Alexander deserves for his truth to be told. We are so thankful to Chris and Sky for doing it so eloquently and with love. His picture hangs on the wall with the photos of their children as a beloved family member. It is with that deep emotion and true friendship this book was written. Travis Victor Alexander has inspired people all over the world. With the writing of his story, he may continue to do so well into the future. His is a story of hope and goodness conquering evil. All he ever wanted his whole life was to love and be loved. On the day of his book release I speak for thousands who say, Travis you are LOVED. I hope ALL GOOD THINGS for Chris, Sky, all of the friends and certainly Travis' brave, lovely family who became America's family. The book will remain in my library and Travis will remain in my heart. Forever. Zoey Watson 4/24/15
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