Saturday, May 2, 2015

Travis Alexander wanted to ask someone to marry him, it wasn't Jodi Arias

#TravisAlexander's engagement ring #JodiArias took was meant for Linda Ballard

by Zoey Watson February 4, 2014

Travis' girlfriend who he once hoped to marry was interviewed and she tells of a sweet, lovely man. Here is what she told Nancy Grace when she was asked about the vile lies #Jodi Arias was telling in the courtroom.

BOSS: I don`t believe any of that, either. I think that Jodi has told a lot of lies. And I -- the Travis that I knew was kind and loving and he never abused me. And he, in fact, treated me very kindly. He was always doing nice things for me, like, he gave me flowers.

GRACE: Is this true...

BOSS: Sometimes he would pick flowers for me.

GRACE: ... He wrote you a poem? Do you have that with you? Do you mind reading it for us?

BOSS: Yes, he wrote this poem. This was right after we -- we started to break up, but we were still dating on and off. So he wrote me a poem called "All the Best," and here it is.

"Although we are uncertain as to what you and I will be, I wish you all the best, and through time I guess we`ll see. Although we don`t know what tomorrow brings, of our future we are unaware, I wish you all the best even if tomorrow I am not there. May your life be filled with happiness and may all of your dreams come true. May your heart never be left -- never feel sorrow and may your countenance never be blue."

"May all of your goals be accomplished, in all that you do, you succeed. May your heart never be left wanting and your soul never left in need. May the strength of the Lord be with you, and the holy ghost always be near. May his love burn from within you and radiate to all you hold dear. Why? Because you deserve it. All this and much more too. I wish you all the best, and only all the best will do."

"This is the life that I know you will have. I am certain. I know that you can. This is the life that I pray for me, and so I will finish as I have began. Although we are uncertain as to what you and I will be, I wish you all the best and hope all the best is me."