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Fatal Attraction : Jodi Arias

#JodiArias is the real life Fatal Attraction Dr. Geffner has no idea!

By Zoey Watson January 20, 2015
This man has been spoon fed a lot of information. Juan Martinez is about to set him straight! He presents Jodi as an innocent. Boy is he in for a rude awakening.

Payton and Rabbit Boiler is what Sky Hughes began to refer to Jodi as
Sky Hughes explained that at first Jodi tried to play Molly Mormon for Travis. It was so overtly ridiculous, she would walk around their home with the Book of Mormon open, reading from it. She really tried to do everything perfect as she thought a Mormon girl Travis would marry would. She told Sky she had a "vision" of she (Jodi) and Travis marrying all in white (the inference being that they would be marrying in the holy Temple where indeed the couple does wear all white). Somehow that didn't get the wedding proposal out of Travis, so ...according to Sky she turned on the sex. After that vision she would not let that go. She would not let Travis go. Jodi MADE UP AN EMAIL FROM A STALKER and sent it Travis, hoping he would ask her to move to AZ. Sky laughed aloud when Travis read it to her, "Travis, buddy.....Jodi wrote that!!!!!"

Chris and Sky read through all of Travis and Jodi's emails, ALL OF THEM, and it was very clear that Jodi was the ring leader introducing Travis to a lot that Chris didn't even want to repeat.
( sexual things )

Neither Jodi nor Travis were virgins, and except for four very short months of a long distance relationship, VERY early on, were they committed to one another. They both were free to date. Everyone, including Jodi knew Travis was on the hunt for a wife. She has already admitted on the stand and in her interrogation, either or both Juan can play for the jury that she was well aware he was dating other and looking for a wife, in earnest. Geffner, being spoon fed may not know what we know, but Juan Martinez is about to clear that fog right up on cross. 

Just because there was no witness to Jodi slashing Travis' tires two days in a row at Lisa's house, doesn't mean the dots aren't close enough together for the jury to connect. She already admitted hacking into his emails. They will hear either live or having it played for them, or in Dr. DeMarte having reviewed Lisa's testimony that on the very day Travis' all 4 tires were slashed, hers were too AND she received a nasty letter about it being shameful she was having Travis stay over, etc. So whoever was mad at Travis was also mad at Lisa.....that narrows the suspect list down to 1. Juan can hint at things this time that he wasn't allowed to last time. The rules, as you are seeing with this nonsense the judge is allowing with Geff, are quite relaxed in mitigation.

Juan has the right to rebut every single claim, one by one, the defense is making. That is why it is such a dumb move on their part to go on and on and on and open so very many doors. 

They could have had Geff say something quite simple, I reviewed months and years of patterns of behaviors of Mr. Alexander that led me to conclude he was a womanizer and given ONE or TWO example and moved on. 

At this point the jury must be furious at this victim bashing and the absurdity of it compared to the horrific autopsy photos of Travis, nearly decapitated. This poor guy is DEAD, at her hand. What does womanizing got to do with it?

Regarding all these girls and the texts Geff is reading trying to make it scandalous:

"I know these women, they are beautiful , confident, successful women and the reason you wont see the defense call not ONE of them to the stand is that they all LOVE TRAVIS ALEXANDER. They wont be able to get ONE of them to say a bad thing about him!" Sky Hughes told Dr. Drew.

Earlier someone was asking why would Travis put something in his writings purposely for Jodi to read. He did. It was testified to and here Sky explains it too. He very well knew she had hacked into all of his social media and email accounts. In an exchange with Reagan for example he says...."Say hello Jodi why dontcha cuz I know she is reading this right now". Lisa testified also that it was clear she had hacked into all his stuff and was following them on their dates. She knew every single time they were together and she called Travis' phone the entire date. 

"She got so bad I began calling her Payton from the movie The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and Rabbit Boiler from Fatal Attraction " Sky said. 

fatal attraction scene "I'm not gonna be ignored!"
Some people deserve the death penalty and Jodi Arias is one of them. The family is VERY united. They want her to get the death penalty. Absolutely." Chris Hughes 

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