Friday, May 1, 2015

Forgiveness explained by Travis Alexander's dear friend, Chris Hughes

by Zoey Watson , January 26, 2015

Chris Hughes was asked in interview "What would Travis say to this group of people? 

Chris Hughes "Travis would preach a sermon, 
You are a divine child of God
Greatness is in you
Your past does not have to equal your future

What Travis wanted to do
(Chris is crying)
He wanted to share God, JESUS, and personal development

If you are happy, awesome!
If you are not, you do not have to live like that anymore
you can tear up the pieces of the paper of your life tear it up into little pieces and write it all over again

be better today than you were yesterday

Travis would tell you, my life was a MESS, and I pulled myself up.... with the help of God.
Tricia, for your listeners, there may be somebody like Travis, or like me, we did not have anything, not even the money to go to college, but you know what he
lifted himself up
You can live any life of your choosing, it is your choice and ONLY YOUR CHOICE

If Travis were here he would lift you all up in Christ right now
That was Travis
Travis was good as Gold.

We all have an obligation to forgive, I am going to ask everybody that is listening to not allow Jodi to have any power in your life.
Regardless of the verdict, if we do not forgive she will have power in our life. I refuse to give that to her. We have to forgive.
I am unsure if I have the scripture quote perfectly, but it says
I the Lord I will forgive, it is given to you to forgive ALL people. 
I will forgive and I will be liberated, completely, from this tragedy in my life. We cannot hold the grudge and keep the darkness in our life, that does not hurt the other person,it only hurts us. Allow the light of forgiveness to penetrate your heart."
The interview is three hours long and well worth the listen. With the tragic death of Detective Flores' son this weekend, I felt the need of some hope.