Friday, May 1, 2015

Absolutely no dirty little secret, #TravisAlexander's friends knew #JodiArias was a nympho

by Zoey Watson January 20, 2015

Jodi Arias was a nympho Travis told his buddies.
Many, many , many of Travis' friends knew he was not a virgin. No one cared. The people that loved Travis could not care less about his sex life, nor he theirs. Travis was beloved by a lot of good, good people and not one of them think he deserved to die just because Jodi Arias couldn't have him. 

Travis took Jodi ( in the beginning ) with him , and Juan even played a video and showed photos of Travis and Jodi at the hotel where his very favorite buddies in his life were. These men liked, trusted and respected Travis and he they. They also know if Jodi Arias is sitting on his lap in the hot tub with them all there, and then she and Travis are sharing a hotel room there at the hotel.....they all know they are having a sexual relationship. Jodi Arias is the one who would make sure everybody realized their intimacy by being wholly inappropriate, coming up even in church meetings, hugging him from behind sucking on his earlobe, just really awkward overt overtures. Travis told one of his buddies that he wanted to never see her again but the sex was so good if just kept drawing him back in like a drug. He called her a nympho .

Buckle up Jodi Arias. Guess who is on the witness list, Taylor Searle!

All this testimony about women has done so far is PROVE Travis was not into little boys. He , like every other red blooded American young man, loved WOMEN.