Friday, May 1, 2015

Jodi Arias colorful lies about Travis Alexander and their origin. The truth IS stranger than fiction.

Dan Freeman's brother took his life over being molested. #JodiArias took story

by Zoey Watson January 8, 2015

A woman in cell next to Casey Anthony's child was drown in pool and her grandfather found her. Casey Anthony adopted the story and voila George found little Caylee dead in pool.

The same thing happened in #JodiArias case. She took a true story of a man she knew who suffered from trauma of having been molested as child and fearing his thoughts would lead him to do same; who killed himself. She adopted the entire story to claim Travis was pedophile and suicidal over it and her knowing of it explains how and why he became violent with her.

It is all lies from soup to nuts and here is how we KNOW IT
To follow is a brilliant piece by Jose Mcyntire 
"Did #jodiarias script TA pedo story from friend who shot himslf on 7/15 b/c he was attracted to boys & afraid to act out?

My disclaimer right away is that I do not want to diminish or disrespect this family’s grief in any way. I am merely posing a possibility that I haven’t heard considered yet.

That said, I believe that Jodi Arias used the intimate details of her friend Joshua Freeman’s struggle with alleged pedophilia as the script for her accusations against Travis.

Here is why:

I. The Freeman family was VERY close to Jodi. Daniel and Desiree Freeman testified to this for the defense. Jodi spent a lot of time with them and we know she was grieving at their house in the days following Travis’ death. I have also been told both of them visit or have visited Jodi in jail.

II. Joshua Freeman, Daniel and Desiree's brother, was the closest to Jodi. He had been sexually abused by a neighbor as a young boy and was tormented by inclinations inside himself. He was afraid he couldn’t control things he'd done and what was brewing.

III. Joshua purchased a small handgun in the days leading to his death (perhaps Jodi was with him and this is when she bought the 9mm she was going to run away with)

IV. Jodi was arrested on Tuesday, July 15, 2008.

V. Joshua shot himself on Tuesday, July 15, 2008

VI. Joshua Freeman’s suicide note:

"My dear family: This note will be my farewell to you... by the time you read this I will have already ended my life. I cannot ask you to forgive me for what I have done, but please allow me to explain.

"You know very well the struggle that I have been facing. I have spent the past year experiencing what I can only describe as 'hell', As I have said many times before, I would rather die than ever hurt a child.

"I'm certain the question you're asking is "Why didn't you keep fighting?' Why did I choose to end my life now? Because I refuse to allow my personality, my desires, to be twisted by this sickness. I have chosen the excise this cancer in the only way I know how. If I must go to hell, then I will go on my own terms. I will go selfishly and stupidly perhaps, but as one who was willing to give up EVERYTHING to keep his promise."

VII. As sad as this all is, I have no doubt that he confided some very intimate details to Jodi as he was getting ready to end his life. In fact, the Freeman family was dealing with his struggle openly - seeking help for their son within the LDS community & psychologists. I believe Jodi went so far as to draw parallels between Joshua’s struggles as a possible script for writing those fake pedo letters. If Jodi ever had those “self-help” brochures she was going to give Travis, it was likely ones she got from Joshua before he sadly committed suicide.

So my questions is: Has the prosecution explored this as a possible source for JA’s pedophile allegations against Travis? Is it worth looking at this stage in the game? If not, I still find it hard to shake the notion as something that is completely plausible given the poisoned mind of Jodi Arias.

Maybe I’m reaching here, but I don’t think so.

Here are a few links if you want to learn more about Joshua Freeman’s death & foundation. "

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