Saturday, May 2, 2015

Justice for Travis Alexander after seven long years

The jurors, Juan, Steve the Alexanders, friends and family all exhale as one. 7 years! Finally over!
These pictures say it all. They are rid of her. The page has turned. Forever. It is a new day and a new life. Jodi Arias' reign of terror over the Alexander's lives is over. Truly. That is my prayer. Seeing the family smile is amazing. I have said it one hundred times, in the absence of parents to stand with them and wrap their arms around them, God sent Juan and Steve. One can see in the pictures the closeness. Also, thank God they have such dear friends and extended family that love them so very much. We should all be so lucky. They will remember them fondly. Forever. I trust the feeling is mutual. Indeed.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

To see the rest of the beautiful happiness; and all things about the case,
go to Thank you Tanisha for sharing so everyone can exhale in relief. May God continue to protect you and walk with you all the days of your life. xo xo

Rest in peace dear Travis
Rest in Peace Tony Flores! 
You are both in the arms of the Angels now. Jesus apparently needed two Sunbeams.


Thank you to all of the lawyers, reporters and bloggers who told Travis Alexander's TRUTH day after day for these seven long years. Thank you to both juries. You are Angels and Heroes! You have our sincere thanks and respect. That is perpetual.