Friday, May 1, 2015

Travis Alexander's friends speak out on behalf of their friend

Friends of Travis Alexander tell the truth about their friend
I hope the jury gets to hear from Dr. Hiatt during the penalty phase

by Zoey Watson, February 6, 2015

or any friend of Travis, for that matter, Chris Hughes or 
Dave Hall

or more from Jacob Mefford, his wife Holly

Taylor Serrell

or his best friend Mark Brunett

Julie Christopher

Clancy Talbott

or any one of a hundred friends who were touched by the bright light that was Travis.

"Some people deserve the death penalty and Jodi Arias is one of them. The family is VERY united. They want her to get the death penalty. Absolutely." Chris Hughes 

Travis Alexander LIVE in San Berdino

Travis' friends speak out

Steven Alexander VIS

I Hope You Fly song by Detective Flores daughter for Travis' family

Chris Hughes, Travis' best friend takes us to church

Deanna Reid, the love of Travis' life
Travis and Deanna photos

Travis speaking about his love for his buddy, Chris Hughes

Elated friends of Travis on Verdict

Tanisha and Harold's wedding

Verdict day

three jurors speak out , they voted for death penalty

Jodi Arias is no more suicidal than she is
Mormon or ....
a blonde.