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Jodi Arias cold busted breaking into Travis Alexnder's home and computer

 Jodi Arias cold busted by Deanna and Sky breaking into Travis's computer and home

by Zoe Watson November 11, 2014

#JodiArias cold busted breaking into Travis home and computer by Deanna Reid

Dr.Drew: Tell us about the time Travis asked you to go check on his dog, when he was out of town, you got there and to your surprise there was Jodi, making herself at him, making cookies.

Deanna R: Yes, Travis called me, and told me that he wanted me to go over, so of course I agreed to go check on Napoleon. I loved that dog. No one was to be home No cars were there. I used my key to open the door. I walked in, I see Jodi, she is sitting on the couch with Travis' laptop. She offered me a cookie. I kind of knew about the slashing tires, and some stalking behaviors. And there she was in his house, she had broken into his house...

In addition, Sky Hughes knew all about how Jodi Arias hacked into everything Travis had!
She was even caught eavesdropping on Chris and Sky Hughes outside of THEIR bedroom door, in THEIR home! A virus would be child's play for someone like Jodi Arias. She made up a fake stalker to tell Travis about so he would feel protective over her. It was completely made up!

She knew all too well how to break into his computer, emails, bank accounts, Facebook, Myspace, she climbed in his doggy door and would sleep on the couch, she was uninvited to a Christmas party he was having and having been told there was no room for her, she stayed anyway and slept under the Christmas tree, she took his engagement ring, read through over six months of his texts, she told Sky she went on his email and forwarded ALL of his emails sent and received to herself so she could take her time going through them, she followed him on dates with Mimi and Lisa
( both testified to that ), Ryan testified that Jodi told him how she broke into his phone, pretended to be him and sent texts to other girls posing as Travis, she slashed his tires, all four, two nights in a row, and Lisa's tires, she pretended to Travis she had a stalker, hoping he would ask her to move to Arizona. There is no way it would be beyond her to put a virus on his computer on purpose. Her little brother Joey posted on his facebook that Jodi admitted to him the reason she recorded the sex call on May 10th was to send to any future girlfriend of Travis. Think of that, May 10 and she was still at that late date holding out hope she'd wind up with him! 

Here is Sky telling Dr. Drew about Jodi breaking into Travis' emails and manipulating the emails

If you want to know the TRUE STORY OF TRAVIS ALEXANDER, not the warped Nurmi/Jodi show

check out Chris and Sky's book, they used their own money to publish by the way 

It's a beautiful, inspiring story. Jodi Arias said in her interrogation on the subject of our grief "I know it is only temporary." That is a lie. His family and friends will miss him. Forever.